Friday, July 14, 2017

In Space, No One Can Hear You Sing...

...but wouldn't it be cool if they could?

I just love taking two visual ideas and fusing them together such that they almost seem possible. My "for instance," in this case anyway, is music on the moon. I mean, I know there's no air, but doesn't just seem like you' could hear a strumming guitar? Someone could serenade the new arrivals off the lunar lander, music wafting through the, uh, what? Air?'d be wafting through the...vacuum. The vacuum? Well, playing guitar on the lunar surface should sound strikingly similar to playing air guitar. And of course, compounding ironies, even playing "air guitar" on the moon wouldn't even be possible: It'd have to be "airless guitar."

Anyway, getting back to the fantasy, here's a picture implying possible moon music:

"Hitchhiker With Guitar"
Oil on canvas
14 x 11

Oh yeah, and if he can hitch a ride, maybe he can make it in the big town of...Earth.

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