Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Saturn Hula Hoop

So we're gonna say Saturn is the "Hawaii" of the solar system. That's because Saturn does the hula. Wait, what? Okay, more precisely, Saturn does the hula hoop.

I had this funny idea that an astronaut might stand on some celestial object, say, the moon, and do a "Saturn impression."

To help realize this vision, for reference shots, I had my son put on an astronaut Halloween costume and took pictures. Then I had to get him "trained" to hula hoop. 

Here's one of the dozens I took:

Then I painted this picture: of a hula hoop duet with Saturn. 

I tried to paint it fast, taking about two hours to get to a point at which I felt I might stop.

Oil on Gessobord
5" x 5"

Naturally, you're invited to check it out at Fine Art America or Daily Paintworks.

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